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You've Been Arrested -
      What Happens Next

  1. Remember that anything and everything you say can and will be used against you.
  2. Ask to speak with an attorney before agreeing to speak with the police. Police officers will point out that requesting to speak to an attorney shows them you are guilty-don't be intimidated! It is your right to not speak until you consult with an attorney! Innocent people can and do get arrested when police officers believe they have arrested the right person! (NOTE! In DUI cases, you are required to agree to a chemical test of the breath or blood without consulting with an attorney as driving is a privilege not a right-serious penalties exist for failure to agree to the chemical testing-know your rights!)
  3. After you are arrested you will attend a pre-arraignment where bail will be set. You may also be required to get fingerprinted and photographed at this time.
  4. Shortly after your arraignment (usually within 10 days) you will be scheduled for a preliminary hearing. A preliminary hearing is held before a district justice who listens to the evidence presented by the Commonwealth and decides if there is evidence to show that a crime has been committed and that you are the person responsible for committing the crime. This is not a trial and you must remember that anything you say can and will be used against you!
  5. If the District Justice finds that there is evidence that you committed a crime the charges will be "bound over for trial" and a formal arraignment will be scheduled.
  6. After the formal arraignment, trial will be scheduled.

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Did you know...
"Asking for an attorney is NOT an admission of guilt."

Know your Rights


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